7 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile When Looking For A Startup Job

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This is a guest post by Josh Goldstein, Co-Founder of Underdog.io, a two-sided, curated marketplace for talent. In a past life, Josh was a professional poker player. Say hi @Josh_Goldstein At Underdog.io, we spend a great deal of time looking through job applicants’ backgrounds. One thing we notice is that time-and-time again, a candidate’s LinkedIn profile needs work. […]

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A Field Guide to Media Monitoring: Pros Share How to Listen & Engage


As a media monitoring app, we’re always looking for new ways to educate our audience on the value of listening to what’s being said about your brand and relevant conversations around the web. Who’s better to seek advice from than the people on the ground, listening to and engaging with their audiences everyday. As part […]

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The Ultimate Winter Reading List for Startups

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It’s officially the time of year when no one north of Georgia wants to leave their house. When it’s cold out, who doesn’t like getting cozy with a book next to a fire…or radiator if you’re a Brooklynite like myself? With this in mind — and because books are a great gift for the holidays […]

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How Close.io Closed $585 in Monthly Revenue from 1 Tweet


This is a guest post from Steli Efti,  the co-founder & CEO of Close.io. He’s based in San Francisco, Say hi @Steli. I admit it: I’m a social media skeptic. If you scroll back far enough in my Twitter profile, you’ll see that after my initial curiosity in 2007, my Twitter account was pretty much […]

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How Hazel Lane Uses Mention to Find Coverage & Build Press Relationships

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I love talking to our customers at Mention. They always have valuable feedback as to how we can improve, insight into something I never thought of, or amazing stories on how our product has helped them or their brand. I had such a conversation the other day with Samantha Strom, Co-Founder of Hazel Lane. As […]

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10 Productivity Apps for Digital Marketers on the Move


This is a guest post by Daniel Reed, the Digital Marketing Manager for Sinch. He is responsible for growing traffic, converting signups and hustling for Sinch online. He is in Stockholm, Sweden if anyone wants to Fika. Say hi @kwaimind. So many marketers are always on the move — going from meeting to meeting or city to city […]

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8 Tips for Maintaining a Blog with a Small Team


The Mention blog is an important vehicle for our team across departments. It functions as an inbound marketing channel, but it’s also where we publish educational content on how existing customers can make the most of the platform. It’s imperative that we’re constantly producing fresh content. However, as a small team, it isn’t always easy. No matter […]

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A Cyber Monday Metalist for SaaS Businesses: 60 Tools and Counting


Black Friday / Boxing day / “Post-Thankgsgiving sales” — as was said in the 80′s — is usually more for end consumers. B2B customers are often either not working or too busy handling their own Black Friday promotions. However, following Black Friday, we have Cybermonday when everyone is back at work. Unlike a few years ago, […]

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Why (and How) Social Media And Sales Should Work Together


This is a guest post by Ana Lopez, a freelance writer and editor and content producer in Buckhead, GA. She has an affinity for anything business and culture related, and strives to be a socially-conscious digital native. Today’s increasingly digital landscape requires sales professionals to touch leads from many different angles, nurturing them throughout the […]

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