#hashtags and @​mentions Are Removed From The Entire Web As Keyword Monitoring Becomes The Norm

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.44.24 PM

Over the last few weeks, rumors have circulated around the possibility that Twitter would be phasing out the popular @mention and #hashtag features (On Mashable: “Is Twitter Getting Rid of @-Replies and Hashtags?” – On The Guardian: ”Twitter could ditch @ replies and hashtags”). Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, explained the rationale behind this move […]

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mention and PressKing are Coming Together to Reinvent Client Testimonials


Admit it, client testimonials on most websites can be greatly improved. These testimonials have two major disadvantages: They’re not verifiable: How can you verify the veracity of a client testimonial that exists only on the company’s site? A testimonial like, “‘This service is a true revolution’ – John Doe – 25 years old,” will have […]

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Building a Beautiful Homepage: How We Nailed Down Chrome Rendering Performance Issues


This is a tech post by Arnaud Breton, full-stack developer here at mention with a specific focus on the front-end side and user experience. Before joining mention, Arnaud was co-founder and CTO of UniShared and VideoNot.es, part of the Imagine K-12 2013 Winter batch. While redesigning mention’s website, soon to be launched under our new .com […]

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French SaaS is booming – 37Studio, a five-thousand-square-foot startup space opens in the heart of Paris

“French Tech,” as it’s called by many, continues to become increasingly active as evidenced by the inauguration of 37Studio, the largest space for innovative startups specializing in “Software as a Service,” or SaaS. (More pictures: http://bit.ly/1bMFOVZ) Launched by eFounders, this space already hosts several startups in the heart of the Parisian neighborhood known as “Silicon […]

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