8 Tools For Lead Discovery You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

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This post originally appeared on Close.io’s blog.  Finding new leads is time consuming, and can even be daunting at times, but it’s the lifeblood of most sales people. What if you could simplify and streamline the lead discovery process while generating inbound leads? Sounds like a dream, huh? Fortunately, there are many tools and tactics […]

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4 Rules for Keeping Your Community Secure (& How to Stop Breaking Them)


Anna Drennan is Product Marketing Manager at Dashlane, leading password manager and digital wallet. With Community Manager Appreciation Day on the 26th of January, she’s sharing advice to community managers on how to best handle their account security and has a special gift to make that even easier. Learn more below!  If anyone understands the pain […]

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Mention ♥s Community Managers (+ a Fun Competition)

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Monday is Community Manager Appreciation Day — our favorite day of the year. We have the upmost respect for cmgrs, as they bravely serve as face of their brands, communicating with customers and stakeholders on the frontline; always listening, always conversing. How can you not love people who choose to make people happy for a […]

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5 Content Marketing Strategies That Will Wow Your Customers


This is a guest post by Dave Schneider. Dave is the Content Director at NinjaOutreach, an all in one influencer outreach software for marketers. Say hi @ninjaoutreach. Let’s face it – content marketing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re busy running a business or trying to get a startup off the ground, writing a blog post probably […]

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A Checklist for Managing Your Brand’s Online Reputation


I love how many resources and case studies on marketing tactics and strategies are available today. They’re both inspirational and helpful. However, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in what others are doing that you lose sight of what people are saying about you. Or more importantly, you forget about your own conversations and […]

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Marketing Dos & Don’ts, Tools & Tactics to Follow This Year (Part 2)


This is part two of a two-part series on what today’s marketers learned in 2014 and what tactics, tools, and strategies they’re looking forward to for 2015. Read Part One here. You’ll notice that there are a lot of differing opinions in this piece, which is a good thing. It goes to show that no […]

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Marketing Dos & Don’ts, Tools & Tactics to Follow This Year (Part 1)


I’ve already seen a lot of great “trends of 2015” articles floating around the web this year…all 1.5 weeks of it. We thought about doing one ourselves, but we didn’t want to get lost among the noise. Instead, based on the recommendation of our super smart friend Jo Johansson, we decided to get more granular […]

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5 Steps for Building a Customer-Centric Culture with Extraordinary Support


Most startups claim to have a customer-centric culture. We are guilty of this as well. However, it became blatantly clear last year that we were in denial — we were not listening to our customers enough, nor providing them with the support they deserved. Obviously, changing this became an extremely high priority starting late 2014. […]

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Our 2014 Year In Review, In Mentions

Thank you for an incredible 2014!

2014 was a big year for Mention. Our team grew internationally with a second office in New York, our product evolved, and our content found its voice. Most importantly, we grew closer to our customers and our community. Because a new year is the perfect time for reflection, we took a look at our community […]

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How to Cut Through the Noise using Mention


There’s inherently a lot of noise in the great depths of the Internet. Fortunately, media monitoring tools help you sift and filter through the clutter to identify the conversations and people having them that matter most to your brand. However, if you have a common name, such as *cough* “Mention,” it may be difficult to […]

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