Introducing a Completely Redesigned Statistics Experience for Mention Customers


We’ve been taking incremental steps to improve the Mention statistics experience for you, first with Geolocation, then Topics, then Search. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve released a completely revamped statistics experience. When visiting the Statistics & Exports section of your Mention account, you’ll find a seamless and intuitive page designed to provide a […]

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Turns Out Growth Hacking Isn’t B.S. Afterall: A #MentionChat Recap


We were blown away by the level of interest around our first #MentionChat on Twitter. We certainly weren’t the only ones interested in learning more on the topic, “Is growth hacking bulshit?” (inspired by this recent Intercom post). Our special guest Morgan Brown, team member, Head of Growth at Qualaroo, and Co-Author of Startup Growth […]

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4 Things You Need to Know About Your Inbound Analytics


Shannon is Mention’s Content & PR Manager, where she crafts words, creates strategies, and recruits loyal advocates. She’s based in New York. Get in touch with her at @ShannnonB. Inbound marketing is the practice of sharing any type of content in an attempt to bring people closer to your brand. Getting started on an inbound marketing strategy […]

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Product Management Field Guide: Best Practices for Getting Started


Nicolas is Mention’s Chief Product Officer. He’s based in Paris. Say hi @nmrtn. Product management is an important role within any company, especially in a startup where the product is still evolving. Part cat herder, part strategist, and part analyst, if one thing is certain about a Product Manager, it’s that they need to constantly […]

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How to Convert 5 Types of Customers Into Brand Ambassadors


Shannon is Mention’s Content & PR Manager, where she crafts words, creates strategies, and recruits loyal advocates. She’s based in New York. Get in touch with her at @ShannnonB. Groove recently published an excellent article on how to capture genuine and effective testimonials from customers. This got us thinking about the different types of customers and how communication preferences […]

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7 Tips for Creating Content that Drives Growth


Morgan Brown is the Head of Growth at Qualaroo, team member, and Co-Author of Startup Growth Engines and Unlocking Growth. Say hi @morganb. He’s also the featured guest of our #MentionChat on 9/18. Learn more. The web is awash in content. If you’re in marketing, there’s a good chance you’re responsible or involved with […]

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Is Growth Hacking Bullshit?: A Twitter Chat with Morgan Brown Sept. 18


There are few things we love more than chatting about industry talk with our community. That’s why we are beyond excited to announce our #MentionChat Twitter Chat on Thursday, Sept. 18 at 11am PDT (2pm EST // 8pm CET). Our featured guest will be Morgan Brown, Head of Growth at Qualaroo, team member, and […]

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A Field Guide to Community Management: Lessons from the Pros


Alex Manthei is Mention’s Community Manager. When he’s not posting silly stuff in our “GIFs Only” Slack room, he tweets at @xoalexo and edits the online literary magazine Community management is one of the hardest roles in a business to define, especially for startups. Part of the reason for this is the sheer number of ways we now have to […]

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[Infographic] The Global Guide to Twitter Mentions: Insights You Need to Know


With the release of Mention’s geolocation tools, we analyzed two months of Twitter and web data from Mention clients — 70,000,000 mentions from 48,000 alerts, spanning across 234 different countries — to uncover global trends among Twitter mentions. Note: because Mention tracks any keyword with or without hashtags or @ symbols (and because 30.72% of […]

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6 Ways to Streamline and Scale Your Content Process


Garrett Moon is a founder at CoSchedule, a social media editorial calendar that allows you to schedule your blogs posts and social media together on an easy drag-and-drop calendar. Follow Garrett on Twitter or Google+. As a content marketing company, the CoSchedule team is constantly trying to find ways to help our customers save time and streamline their marketing process. It’s […]

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