5 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement Before They Slip Away


Ah, that moment when you’re finally seeing traction with your content and community efforts. Visits have spiked because you’ve found that sweet spot for distribution. People are sharing and commenting because you’ve found the value-add your audience was looking for. People are even clicking through and signing up because you nailed down your call-to-actions. Customer […]

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25 Podcasts to Listen to for Business Lessons & Inspiration


When I first started working in public relations back in 2008, companies were jumping on the podcast bandwagon with enthusiasm. Then, as trends do, the enthusiasm fizzled in the B2B space, while shows in the pop-culture and B2C space continued to flourish. But now, podcasts for business are all the rage…again. I’m listening to Startup […]

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Increase Your Productivity with Mention’s Integration: Slack


Everyone wants to be more productive, which is usually achieved with greater collaboration, especially if you’re a fast-moving startup. That’s exactly why Slack has seen such enormous growth and a valuation of $1 billion (yes, that’s with a “B”) — the tool helps teams be more collaborative, and therefore productive. Talk about capitalizing on an […]

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How To Find The Best Blog Ideas That Will Have People Craving Your Content


This is a guest post by Nathan Ellering, head of content marketing for CoSchedule. He loves new ideas, strategy, and blogging. He’s based in Moorhead, MN. Say hi @njellering. Is your biggest challenge creating awesome content people actually seek out and love? Yeah, it’s tough. In fact, we just gathered data in the 2015 Better […]

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How Mention Helped Me Win Friends and Influence People at Ptengine


This is a guest post by Jeff Deutsch, the Marketing Director for Ptengine, a heatmaps and analytics platform with offices in Tokyo and Beijing. Say hi @jgdeutsch. I just started working at the Beijing office of Ptengine.com, a tech startup. As you may know, during the first few weeks on the job, it’s critical to […]

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Leverage Social Listening for a Stronger Brand Identity in 4 Easy Steps


A strong brand identity is crucial for raising awareness and building a loyal community. But if you’re just getting started, or maybe if you’ve been focused on other areas of your business (i.e. building a team or a MVP), where do you start in building a strong identity? There’s several important elements to consider when […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Social Media Competitions


This post is by Rob Brooks, a Content Producer for RapidCampaign, a Finnish startup that enables retailers to create engaging online promotions that improve conversion rates. “Take a picture of yourself with your favorite Hollywood film star at your favorite restaurant, and win free cinema tickets! Simply enter your email address, phone number, postal address, waist […]

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8 Tools For Lead Discovery You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

map (1)

This post originally appeared on Close.io’s blog.  Finding new leads is time consuming, and can even be daunting at times, but it’s the lifeblood of most sales people. What if you could simplify and streamline the lead discovery process while generating inbound leads? Sounds like a dream, huh? Fortunately, there are many tools and tactics […]

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4 Rules for Keeping Your Community Secure (& How to Stop Breaking Them)


Anna Drennan is Product Marketing Manager at Dashlane, leading password manager and digital wallet. With Community Manager Appreciation Day on the 26th of January, she’s sharing advice to community managers on how to best handle their account security and has a special gift to make that even easier. Learn more below!  If anyone understands the pain […]

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