8 Ways Experienced Marketers & Entrepreneurs Leverage Social Listening


Shannon is Mention’s Content & PR Manager, where she crafts words, creates strategies, and recruits loyal advocates. She’s based in New York. Get in touch with her at @ShannnonB. There’s been a lot floating around the web recently on the importance and power of web monitoring and social listening, and for good reason. Listening what you’re community […]

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4 Essential Social Media Activities Community Managers Can Complete in Less Than 2 Hours


This is a guest post from Carrie Jones. Carrie is the editorial director of CMX Media, runs the SF Community Managers group, and develops strategy for several community-focused projects. She lives and works in San Francisco. Say hi at @caremjo. As a professional community builder, I don’t usually write purely about social media. In fact, I […]

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The Definitive Summer Reading List For Startups


Alex Manthei is Mention’s Community Manager. When he’s not posting silly stuff in our “GIFs Only” HipChat room, he tweets at @xoalexo and edits the online literary magazine twowordsfor.com. Those who read a lot were recently scientifically proven to be the best people to fall in love with. It’s science.  We love reading at Mention, and we know the same is […]

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What We Can Learn From the Yo API


This is a tech post by Arnaud Breton, full-stack developer here at Mention with a specific focus on the front-end side and user experience. Before joining Mention, Arnaud was co-founder and CTO of UniShared and VideoNot.es, part of the Imagine K-12 2013 Winter batch. This post originally appeared on Arnaud’s Medium. On Friday afternoon, we had some fun with the Yo […]

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[Infographic] 5 Surprising Figures you Need to Know to Improve your Twitter Strategy

In our first infographic, we analyzed 1,000,000,000 mentions delivered to 200,000 companies and found that 66.7% of them came from Twitter. We crunched the data again, this time from 23,079 company alerts resulting in 35,736,105 mentions on Twitter. Then we asked leading social media experts their opinion on each point. The results were “5 Surprising […]

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4 Challenges of Building a B2B Community


This is a guest post by Trish Fontanilla, Vice President of Community & Customer Experience at Vsnap. Prior to her very long job title, she started off as the Community Manager and was the company’s first hire. Tweet or vsnap @trishofthetrade to say hi! Confession: I didn’t always love B2B communities. In the early days of Vsnap, we were on […]

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The Typical Social Business Journey Is Anything But Typical


This is a guest post from Bernie Borges, the host of the Social Business Engine Digital TV Show and Podcast. Follow Bernie on Twitter at @bernieborges. An organization doesn’t become a social business overnight. It’s definitely a journey. I’ve often likened it to the journey we experience from childhood to adulthood in that we grow […]

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Dopamine x Data: Using Data to Stay Motivated and Keep Moving Forward


This is a guest post by Johanna Johansson, a Swedish-speaking Finn whom after finishing her MSc in Design & Digital Media at University of Edinburgh set sail for America. After two years in New York she sadly got ‘kicked out’ (cause her content was too good), and she’s now a part-time vegan and full-time Content Strategist […]

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Generation GIF


This is a community post by Alex Manthei, Mention’s Community Manager. When he’s not posting silly stuff in our “GIFs Only” HipChat room, he tweets at @xoalexo and edits the online literary magazine twowordsfor.com. The Internet turned 25 a few months ago. But I actually want to talk about something older — ok, maybe not much older, but […]

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